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Estate protection

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What is estate planning?

Estate planning ensures an individual’s:

  • Personal property is managed effectively during their lifetime
  • Wishes are carried out after their death
  • Taxes are minimized on death

Estate planning tools include: wills, estate freezes, trusts, gifts given while you are alive, and life insurance.

Who needs estate planning?

Every person who needs or wants to

  • Preserve or increase an estate
  • Conserve assets
  • Distribute their assets in an orderly way
    • As income for themselves or others during their lifetime
    • To spouse, children and descendants after their death

Important questions to ask

  • Do you have wealth built-up in capital assets?
  • Do you want to leave your full estate to heirs or a favourite charity?
  • Are you worried about leaving your family with a large tax burden?
  • Do you want to provide funding for final expenses, outstanding debts, legal fees and taxes?

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